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PredictBGL for Diabetic Pets

9.95 usd

PredictBGL for Pets helps care for your diabetic pet. -- Digital Health helping man's best friend! --
The app 1) records symptoms, blood glucose values, weight and meals leftovers 2) provides predictive curves for Blood Glucose, helping you to get your pet's insulin doses right faster and safer 3) provides meal time reminders, hypo warning reminders and hypo retest reminders 4) records weight and actual food intake 5) can send full reports to your vet by email.
Treatment of diabetes includes daily insulin injections and a special diet, both given at precise times of the day.PredictBGL for Pets allows you to specify meal times and meal amounts to make tracking easier.
Home monitoring:
Veterinarians ask owners to measure blood glucose, weight changes, and note symptoms or abnormal feeding behaviors. PredictBGL for pets helps owners record this information and email it to their cat or dog’s vet.
Records symptoms- Select and record the symptoms your pet has experienced during the day. They are presented as 'feelings' that distinguishes between hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) symptoms- Receive a special warning for hypoglycemic symptoms
Produces the Blood Glucose CurveThe vet may ask the owner to perform a Blood Glucose Curve on a regular basis. PredictBGL for pets shows you the blood glucose curve, and you can easily see if the expected blood sugars are above or below it. The results can be sent to the vet for interpretation to adapt the insulin dose and type. Or, save money and time by doing this yourself!- Choose blood glucose unit: mg/dL (range 0-500), mmol/L (range 0-30)- Record data (times of the blood samples & blood glucose values). - Watch the predicted Blood Glucose Curve on the Dashboard in real time
Records actual food consumption - Estimate and record the amount of food leftovers of each meal - Watch the actual food intake curve on the Dashboard
Helps contact the attending veterinarian- Call your vet or send him/her an email with the app- Upon request, send to your vet a report of all monitoring information
We're always working to make PredictBGL for Pets better! Have a problem, criticism, question, suggestion, or praise? It’s all super important to us, and we'd love to hear from you.Reach out to us at: